3220 Ridgedale Rd Ridgedale, Missouri 65739
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Ridgedale Assembly of God

Learn More About Ridgedale Assembly Of God

At Rigedale Assembly Of God we are dedicated to reaching out to all who want to share a part in knowing and serving our Lord. You are always graciously welcome through our doors and we encourage you to become apart of our loving church family. Our goal is to provide an environment where you and your family can grow spiritually and strengthen your relationship with God.

Church Family

We have a loving congregation that welcomes all new members. We love children, youth and adults. Our place of worship is for everyone. Come and join us.

A Place To Learn

While you develop a relationship with God, we want our congregation to grow rich in the word of the Lord. We study the Bible both in our services and devotional classes.

Grow Spiritually

Above all things, it is our hope that you will strengthen your love and relationship with God. Learn to grow through him and receive an inner peace that only His light can provide.

Come and Worship with us

Wednesdays & Sundays

Where CHRIST is Honored !!

Sunday, 10 & 11 AM

First Wednesday - Dinner

Wednesday Worship, 6-7 PM